Exquisite Corps Website

Tools Used

  • Sublime Text
  • Photoshop


Exquisite Corps Productions.


I was approached by Ben Jacques from the art and music video production team Exquisite Corps. They had already had produced a number of videos for high profile bands such as White Lung and Black Mountain. My job was to help them with a basic yet professional website that put the emphasis on their music videos that they could pass along to potential clients and they needed it as quickly as possible.

Scope of the Project

Since the clients needed the end product up and running fast, I decided that I was going to work with either a wordpress template or a html template and do some custom tweaks to fit their vision. I created a few different versions of a home page and send them urls to both and they chose the version you see below. A few days and a few edits later, the site was live and the client was happy.

The Product

ec page blackmountain page