Meadow Website

Tools Used

  • Wordpress
  • Photoshop
  • DSLR Camera
  • Sketch

The Client

Meadow, a Gastown gift shop


Meadow recently rebranded with a new logo and wanted their website redesigned to suit the new branding. I had worked previously with Meadow in developing their previous website. This time, the client expressed a desire to simplify her company website and requested a pretty, simple, e-commerce website that nicely incorporates Meadow's new branding and stripped away unnecessary bloat.

The first task at hand was to create a temporary coming soon page, informing consumers that changes were on the way but still maintained the style of the boutique.

Landing Page

The coming soon page creates a sense of anticipation, and delivers a simple contact form and the necessary information for the customer.

The Product

Meadow is a boutique that specializes in unique gifts mainly for women and children, so after a bit of research and consultation with the client we agreed on a floral design that would appeal to the core audience of the shop. Typography was carefully chosen to be legible but also compliment the overall design of the project.

The new website design includes, nice product photography, typefaces that complement the brand and a simple, easy to navigate e-commerce solution.

Overall the client was very satisfied with the end result.

Goals for the project

Meadow home page