Patter Language App Concept and Design

Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • Principle

Overview of the Project

Patter is a personal project I conceived of after speaking to a person who was having a difficult time finding employment in her field despite being very qualified and educated. She was not a native English speaker and lacked confidence in her communication and language skills relative to her profession in Marketing. Although her English was good she lacked the technical language skills needed to give her confidence.

Early Patter Sketch

Patter is a Language tool, not in a broad sense such as Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. It is focused on teaching language specific to the users field of expertise. The goal of the app is to help those, trained abroad, with the language, terminology and communication skills needed to excel, using mentors,quizzes and study resources.

Made with the super great Flowchart kit for Sketch - Designed by: Greg Dlubacz with a few changes as per


Patter at a glance

The Login process and introduction cards.

PatterSketch Patter Animation

Filling in the wireframes and designing the course selection cards.

in progress