Student Work


I wanted to show a small sample of student work from my time in the New Media and Web Development program at BCIT. Primarily, to show some work outside the realm of ui/ux and web development. Most of the work produced was within a few weeks of learning the software it was made with.

Animated Story to Julia Holter

Tools Used

  • After Effects
  • Scissors Pen and Paper
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

The reason I added this video is for the overall concept, story, and direction, more than for my technical prowess in after effects. I went to my sister Kate, who is a great artist and asked if she could help me with some character art assets for this project. I cut everything out and scanned them and created aditional assets in photoshop and illustrator.

Then I used after effects to animate a short story of lost love in a fictional time of war to the music of Julia Holter. I really enjoyed bringing the story and concept to life.

Illustrator Projects

I also wanted to show some early work in illustrator. The first of which is a self-portrait assignment where I created a lego version of myself using the 3d effect in illustrator. It was a fun assignment and came out looking more like me than it should have.


Next was my first major assignment in illustrator, the task was to draw a mechanical device, I chose to create a typewriter which I think may have been a subconscious counterpoint to the fact that I was learning strictly digital tools. It took hours but I was happy with the finished piece.


This one is a map of the BCIT campus made to look like the world map in Super Mario Brothers. I think it may be the last time I ever used the 3d effect, also an awful lot of the scribble effect in an attempt to make it look pixelated.


An absurd amount of paths...