Secret Space App Design

Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • Flinto
  • Illustrator

Overview of the Project

Secret Space is a personal project I created with the intention of learning and practicing new development and problem solving skills in the following areas:

  1. Building an idea from pen and paper sketches to the prototype stage.
  2. Concept Development.
  3. Developing User Personas
  4. Understanding the flow of user interaction.
  5. Learning more about a design program that was new to me (Sketch)
  6. Learning more about prototyping software that was new to me (Flinto)

The idea of the secret space app is a social activity planner for "the secret hidden gems" that you can create, or search for, anywhere in the world. Secret Space is intended to be a useful for while travellers and locals to find fun activities whether off or on the beaten path. Users can generate content to help share and discover new and excting places to look for.

Activities or "spaces" as they are called in the app will be displayed and searchable in a list format with the unique ability to group spaces together to form an "activity chain" that could be combined to create longer more engaging activities from full day trips to multi-day epic adventures. Lists will default based on the location of the user but they will be able to narrow and focus lists depending on type of activity type, legnth of time, and even suggested mode of transportation.

The Wireframe

I started off by brainstorming various iterations of the concept with pencil and paper.


Afterward, I created wireframe artboards in sketch, adjusting until I best determined the best user flow for the app. I then designed the home screen icon.

app blueprints

Moving along from the wireframes to high fidelity prototypes. I used sketch and sketch mirror to view the design live on my phone which was an awesome way to troubleshoot problems I may not have seen before. I decided to remove one whole artboard from the wireframe to simplify the process for the user.

app blueprints

After making some adjustments and adding visuals to the wireframes I uploaded the artboards to flinto to add interactivity to the app design. It's a lot easier to discover what works and what doesn't when you can actually tap and swipe on your mobile device.

secret space mockup